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Dmitry 'Kebab' Bratsky, also known as Dima, is one of the main characters in My student spirit.


Dmitry was born into a poor family in Sochi, Russia. Currently, he is a student, studying in university in Moscow, which he is on the verge of dismissal from. While preparing for an exam, he overdoses on caffeine and, after suffering clinical death, he gains the ability to see the ghost living in his dorm room - Elijah.


Dima embodies your average 'tough-guy' persona, not without a pinch of toxic masculinity. He hates rich people and could be described as a traditionalist, as his views are fairly conservative.


  • Dima has gotten his nickname, 'Kebab', after being stabbed with a skewer at a freshman initiation by Anthony.
  • Dmitry is the youngest and an only son in the family of 9, of which 7 are his older sisters.