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Elijah 'Ouija' Douchnov is one of the main characters in My student spirit.


Elijah was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, before moving to Moscow to attend university. He was a straight-A student with a reputation of an introverted nerd. After his death, he was buried in Moscow near his other relatives, but his spirit remained tied to the dorm. In an attempt to stop new students being placed in 'his' dorm, he drives them away by actively haunting them. Eventually, Dmitry Bratsky moves into the dorm and, after suffering clinical death, he gained the ability to see Elijah. Their relationship is neutral.


Elijah is aloof and good-natured, and a little awkward. Avoids conflict at all costs. He is introverted and values his personal space, but craves human contact from time to time (which is difficult, when you’re dead). Very smart and has a good work ethic but often bites off more than he can chew. Very emotional and easily manipulated. He has fairly liberal views.


  • Elijah identifies as biromantic asexual.
  • He has a sister named Olga Douchnov.